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Motion Capture Technology Opens a New Era of Animation Development

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In the field of animation production, the application of motion capture is very mature. Compared with manual descriptions of one frame, the action capture of real-life wearable devices is more refined and practical. It can be used for large-scale animation such as film and television animation or gaming animation production. VDMocap Studio and VDSuit Full animation capture equipment accurately capture action, real-time drive animation characters, depict plot movements, and empower animation creation.

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Motion capture technology opens a new era of animation development

Nowadays, the development of animation is becoming more and more rapid, in the mainstream of European and American animation and Japanese animation in the world of animation pattern, the achievements of national comics is obvious.

However, the key to its success can not be separated from the progress of technology, and motion capture technology is an indispensable part of the animation development system.

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Born by chance in the laboratory

As we look back in time, it has been 30 years since the development of kinetic capture technology. In fact, initially, kinetic capture technology was not created for animation, but was born in a biological laboratory, for physical therapy and rehabilitation.

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It was not until 1990 when the movie "Total Recall" first used optical motion capture technology, and in 2001 when "The Lord of the Rings" created the classic motion capture image of Gollum, the actor Andy Serkis became the "first person to use motion capture".

Subsequently, optical motion capture technology in the field of film and animation has been continuously experimented with, and gradually mature.

However, the high cost of optical motion capture technology equipment, as well as a large number of human and material resources consumption, are not generally institutions or enterprises can afford to spend.

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Happily, after 30 years of iterative accumulation, motion capture technology has made a qualitative leap, easy to operate, more adaptable inertial motion capture technology has been introduced, and in a number of areas have excellent performance, and become a new force in the world of motion capture can not be ignored. Especially in the field of animation production, the advantages of inertial motion capture technology is extremely eye-catching.


Optical motion capture VS Inertial motion capture

1. Cost 

Optical motion capture: Relying on a series of sophisticated and complex optical lenses to achieve, the cost cost is very high, mainly for blockbuster productions.

Inertial motion capture: Achieved by sensors, the price is much more favorable than optical motion capture in comparison, and can be applied to various fields, including health care, animation, education, live streaming, etc.


2. Operating procedures

Optical motion capture: Need to operate multiple high-speed cameras at the same time, from different angles to track and capture the target, the operation is very difficult.

Inertial motion capture: Only one set of equipment plus a system software is needed to complete the motion capture, easy to operate.

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3. Site requirements

Optical motion capture: Specific requirements and range restrictions on the site, can not be moved at will, mostly indoors.

Inertial motion capture: Small restrictions on the site and space, able to move in a larger range of space, even outdoors, for live-action shooting.

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4. Environmental interference

Optical motion capture: Vulnerable to environmental interference, with requirements for light, magnetic fields, and other factors.

Inertial motion capture: Highly adaptable to capture environment, not subject to external environmental interference such as light and background.
5. Motion restrictions

Optical motion capture: The equipment is cumbersome to wear and has certain motion restrictions.

Inertial motion capture: Fewer motion restrictions, enabling real-time interaction.

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6. Post-processing

Optical motion capture: Integrates a large amount of data that requires further processing and a large post-processing effort.

Inertial motion capture: Enables real-time rendering and reduces post-processing workload.

Virdyn offers complete solutions for animation production and design

Virdyn to the core of the development of practical full-featured motion capture portfolio, the device is fully functional, easy and intuitive to operate, giving users an intuitive feeling: in the operation will feel very smooth, even without the need for team operation, individuals can complete.

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Full-featured motion capture equipment - provide animation designers with motion capture support from independent development to professional teamwork

Virdyn self-developed full-body motion capture and facial expression capture technology, through the real person wearing motion capture equipment, can be efficient, stable and accurate capture the wearer's body movements and expressions, providing virtual shooting, real-time motion capture and real-time engine fusion output support for the work. The generated data is compatible with many popular software in the industry, including Maya, 3DS MAX, Unity, Unreal, etc., and can provide animation designers with motion capture support from independent development to professional teamwork.

VDLive Multifunctional Virtual Host System - "Lightweight" Animation Content Production Solution

VDLive is a multi-functional virtual anchor system developed by Virdyn, which is designed for animation creators or content creators of various short video platforms, and proposes a "lightweight" animation content production solution. One-stop integration of body motion capture, expression capture, finger capture and other data, real-time synchronization of data and rendering, to truly achieve the animation of what you see is what you get.

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Virdyn expects to become the best partner for animation designers, giving them a faster, easier and more accurate way to complete the creation of art.

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