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Elevate Your Animation with Virdyn and 3DS MAX Integration

Exciting news for 3DS MAX users! Virdyn is proud to announce complete compatibility with 3DS MAX, revolutionizing the animation process. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring animator, this integration is set to empower your creative journey. With Virdyn's VDMocap Studio software, you can seamlessly merge your Virdyn devices, such as VDSuit Full and MHand Pro, with 3DS MAX. Our software allows you to record motion data using VDMocap Studio/Plus and save it in various formats, including FBX. You can then effortlessly import this data into 3DS MAX for tasks like skeleton binding, skin modification, data editing, frame correction, and more. Plus, the integration supports both body and facial animation, making it a versatile tool for all animators.


Let's explore the standout features of Virdyn's 3DS MAX integration:


●Diverse Data Format Compatibility: Virdyn's integration supports multiple motion capture data formats, ensuring that you can work with the format that best suits your project.

●Adaptable Skeletal Models: The integration is flexible and adaptable to various skeletal models, providing you with the freedom to choose the best setup for your project.

●Robust Skeleton Tools: Conduct skeleton editing, redirection, and binding with ease directly within 3DS MAX. These tools are designed to streamline your animation workflow, giving you more control and flexibility.

●Single-Person Animation: Virdyn's 3DS MAX integration is optimized for single-person motion capture, simplifying the process and delivering exceptional results.


System Requirements:

3DS MAX Version Requirement: Our integration is compatible with all versions of 3DS MAX, ensuring that you have the freedom to select the software that best aligns with your needs.

Operating System: Supported on both Windows 10 and Windows 11.


This integration with 3DS MAX marks a significant milestone for Virdyn. It seamlessly bridges the world of Virdyn's motion capture technology with the power and versatility of 3DS MAX. The opportunities are limitless, whether you are working on game development, film production, or architectural visualization. Embrace this innovation, and unlock new dimensions in animation with Virdyn and 3DS MAX.