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VDCap Full Performance Capture Entry-Level Motion Capture Kits for Beginners and Hobbyist

Short Description:

VDCap Full Performance Capture integrates 27 key nodes throughout the body, accurate down to the finger joints, and is driven by a single click to reconstruct the performer’s movement trajectory in 3D space in real time, accurately capturing the movements of a real human actor and transforming them into a digital model in real time, synchronising them to generate a 3D computer animation.


With accurate facial expression capture algorithm, it can synchronise human facial expression to digital character in real time, the algorithm supports more than 52 expression data, real-time capture and real-time output.


What you can get from VDCap:

●A full body inertial motion capture suit: VDSuit Full (including hand&fingers capture)

●A camera-based face capture helmet: AH Helmet

●Entry-level motion capture software system: VDMocap Studio Plus

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FREE software updates

FREE game engine and 3D softwares Plug-ins: Unity/UE4.24-5.3/IClone7-8/Blender/Maya/MotionBuilder/3DS MAX

FREE Plugins support Steam Platform: VRChat/Warudo for Vtuber

FREE C++SDK package

ONE-YEAR and extend warranty time: For ALL device components

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VDCap Full Performance Capture kit contains full-body motion capture suit, camera-based face capture helmet and entry-level motion capture software system. It is suitable for beginners to learn the beginning of motion capture technology, the first experience of inertial motion capture technology, the posture and capture accuracy requirements are not high. Suitable for individual hobbyists, short video production, beginners.

Kit Contents Hardware Full body mocap suit: VDSuit Full
Face capture helmet: AH Helmet
Software Entry-Level Motion Capture Engine: VDMocap Studio Plus
Accessory User Manuals


VDSuit Full 
Weight of dynamic capture suit: 500g
Body webbing material: Nylon fabric with adjustable elastic for all shapes and sizes
Number of sensors: 27,include hand&fingers sensors
Battery type: Lithium battery
Operating voltage: 5V
Endurance: 6h
Transmission method: Adaptive frequency hopping 2.4 GHz wireless
Data Latency: 10-20ms
Transmission distance: ≤40m
Transmission frame rate: 60Hz/72Hz/80Hz/96Hz
Sensor core algorithm: Independent research and development of multi-level AHRS asynchronous fusion algorithm
Attitude capture range: 360 ° omnidirectional motion posture output
Sensor refresh rate: 500Hz
Attitude accuracy: ROLL<0.5° PITCH<0.5 YAW<1.5°
Angular resolution: <0.02°
Acceleration range: ±160m/s2(16g)
Gyroscope range: ±2000dps
Magnetometer range: ±4.9Gs
Factory calibration: Self-developed 24-plane and 9-parameter multi-sensor calibration technique
* Provide C + + SDK to support secondary development
Virdyn VDSuit Full for Full Body Function Inertia Motion Capture Suit
AH Helmet
Technical solution Face capture technology
Camera 1080P HD RGB camera
Shooting frame rate 60FPS
Connection method Wired connection USB-A2.0 and above
Connection length 1.3m
Fill light 3200K warm white light (soft and non-invasive to the eyes)
Size Length 42cm, Width 24.5cm, Height 15.5cm
Weight 280g Ultra light for long wear
Main materials Polyamide (nylon) + foam lining
Capture expressions bs number 52
 Support Plugins(FREE)  Unity/UE4.27/UE5/UE5.1/C++SDK
* C + + SDK is provided to support secondary development 
VDMocap Studio Plus
Live Preview: Easily realize real-time whole body posture capture, facial expression capture
Multi-window mode: Single-view and four-view mode
Reset and tracking modes: Support model origin reset and visual angle reset
Motion capture control panel: Adjust the action effect of the model in real time
Calibrate system performance: A-pose and P-pose calibration
Model import: fbx format models
Gesture recognition: 10  high-precision gesture recognition outputs
Data recording and playback: Support real-time action data recording and playback of recorded action data
Output data type: BVH , FBX, CSV
Data optimization: Support post-processing algorithm of recorded data
Data stream: MD data stream output, transmit through UDP protocol
Plug-in support: Unity3D、UE4-5、MotionBuilder、Blender
Surface capture data: ARKit BlendShape Expression Data
Number of face capture emoticons: 52
Secondary development support: Provide C + + SDK

Package Includes


● A full-body mocap suit * 1

● A camera-based face capture helmet * 1

● Entry-Level mocap software * 1 (send by email)

● User Manual * 1


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