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Book a Demo for VDSuit Full or mHand Pro

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Discover the VDSuit Full or mHand Pro, VDMocap Studio or mHand Studio in your own, personal demo.

If you are determined to book a demo of our products, we believe you will experience the unique charm of our inertial motion capture products during this journey. You can check the wearing effect of our testers so that you can feel the convenience of the product in advance, because you can wear it completely in as little as five minutes! You can also feel the one-click activation of the product, directly connected to the software system for real-time action data collection and recording. During this process, you can ask our testers to make any action you want to see. During the experience, you can also ask any questions, and we will answer them patiently. Even after this experience, you can always send us an email for consultation.

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What Can You Get during the Demo

● Invite your team members anytime with a free 45-minute Zoom call

● Get an in-depth look at all of our motion capture hardware and software, and feel free to ask any questions

● An opportunity to discuss your specific project and tooling needs

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VDSuit Full

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mHand Pro

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VDMocap Studio

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mHand Studio

Booking Process

● Send your booking needs to us and : 

● After receiving your email, we will confirm whether the device can be tested and will reply you within 2 working days

● Confirm to choose a time when you are free

● Video conference via ZOOM, go online on time

● 45 minutes of in-depth communication

● Do not worry! Even after this experience, if you still have questions, you can always send us an email

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