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Distributors & Sales Agent & Partnership


At Virdyn, we're on a mission to expand our global footprint and bring our cutting-edge products to every corner of the world. We believe that partnerships are the cornerstone of growth, and we're excited to extend an invitation to companies, studios, and individuals worldwide who are interested in joining us on this journey as Virdyn distributors/sales agent/partner/KOL.

Introduction to The Cooperation Models

At Virdyn, we offer four distinct cooperation models tailored to meet the diverse needs of potential partners. These models include Distributors, Sales Agents (or Channel Partners), Collaborative Partners, and KOL Influencer Collaborations.


1. Distributors:


Distributors are companies with established sales markets and capabilities, without concerns about funding or inventory. This includes firms specializing in electronic product distribution.

Upon confirming the distributor partnership, distributors will receive an electronic authorization from Virdyn.

Distributors purchase products from Virdyn in advance, and Virdyn ensures timely delivery to the specified address. Subsequent sales are managed by the distributor.

Virdyn does not enforce minimum order quantities, mandatory purchase cycles, or bundled sales. The quantity, frequency, and product types are determined by the distributor.

Larger one-time purchases receive greater discounts.

Cooperation terms are for one year, with an option for renewal 15 days prior to the end of each year.


2. Sales Agents/Channel Partners:


Sales Agents/Channel Partners are startups, studios, or individuals interested in becoming agents, possibly with some financial or inventory constraints.

Upon confirming the Sales Agent/Channel Partner partnership, they will receive an electronic authorization from Virdyn.

Sales Agents/Channel Partners have no financial or inventory pressures. Their primary responsibility is to promote Virdyn's products through self-selected sales channels without upfront purchase or inventory.

Upon customer purchase and payment, Sales Agents/Channel Partners can immediately order the same quantity of products from Virdyn. Virdyn handles shipping and after-sales services.

Virdyn does not impose minimum order quantities, mandatory purchase cycles, or bundled sales. The quantity, frequency, and product types are determined by the Sales Agents/Channel Partners.

Larger one-time orders receive greater discounts.

Cooperation terms are for one year, with an option for renewal 15 days prior to the end of each year.


3. Collaborative Partners:


Collaborative Partners are companies or studios with technical and research capabilities in specific industry sectors. They seek hardware/software collaboration in fields such as VR/XR, 3D digital modeling, metaverse, virtual broadcasting, education, or laboratory research.

Collaborative Partnerships involve:

Aligning mutual cooperation goals and visions

Collaboratively developing hardware/software or upgrading existing products.

Collaborative efforts to market and profit from each other's technology.

Hardware/software compatibility testing.

Face-to-face meetings to enhance mutual trust and cooperation intentions.

Sample procurement.

Collaborative Partners can also choose to become Distributors or Sales Agents upon product release.


4. KOL Influencer Collaborations:


KOL Influencer Collaborations involve social media influencers with a significant following and the power to influence their audience, particularly in technology, motion capture, VR/XR, metaverse, and virtual broadcasting niches.

Collaborative efforts may include product reviews, project demonstrations, and more.

The collaboration process typically involves:

Communication of collaboration interests and models (e.g., product reviews, project demonstrations).

Contract signing.

Virdyn sending samples to the influencer as per contract requirements.

Completion of video content, multi-channel promotion.

Influencers may receive exclusive discount codes for their followers.

Collaborations are typically for a single contract period, with the option for fixed-term renewals.


For More Information: If you are interested in any of the cooperation models mentioned above or have inquiries regarding becoming a Virdyn partner, please reach out to us at We look forward to receiving your communication.


Our Product Certification


We take immense pride in our commitment to quality and compliance. Currently, our products hold various certifications, including:


  • USA Certifications: FCC Certification, California Energy Commission (CEC) Certification, CP65 Certification, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Certification.
  • EU Certifications: CE Certification, ROHS Certification.
  • South Korea Certification: KC Certification.
  • Japan Certification: MIC Certification.
  • Shipping Certification: UN38.3 Certification.
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS): MSDS Certification.


These certifications signify that Virdyn products are fully compliant with the electronic product regulations of these regions, allowing them to be legally sold within those countries. This also means that our products come with official endorsements, offering a unique opportunity for distributors to explore new markets. If you require certifications for other countries or regions, please reach out to us for consultation.


Advantages of Becoming a Virdyn Distributor/Sales Agent

  • Inclusivity: We welcome anyone with the desire to collaborate. There are no stringent requirements for distributors to meet before partnering with us; we are open and inclusive.  We encourage individuals or businesses interested in collaboration as sales agents too. There are no stringent prerequisites or limitations, as long as your sales activities are legal and compliant.


  • No Minimum Order Quantities: We do not impose minimum order quantities or ordering cycles. Our partnership models offer flexibility, allowing distributors to make a one-time purchase or buy in bulk. Whether you want to buy multiple sets of equipment within a month or once a year, the choice is yours. As a sales agent, you won't be burdened with any financial constraints or the need to maintain inventory. Your primary responsibility will be to promote Virdyn products through your chosen sales channels, whether online (e-commerce, web stores) or offline (physical stores, retail outlets). You won't need to purchase or stock items in advance; orders will be placed with us when a customer makes a purchase.


  • Competitive Pricing: We promise to provide our distributor/sales agenct with the most competitive pricing in the market. For specific discount details, please contact us via email.


  • No Forced Product Bundling: We do not require distributor/sales agent to purchase different products simultaneously or enforce bundled sales. You have the freedom to choose the products and quantities that align with your business strategy.


Hardware products currently supported for distribution by Virdyn include:
VDSuit Full
MHand Pro
VDFace/VDFace Pro Helmet
AH Helmet

Contact Us

If you're interested in becoming a Virdyn distributor/sales agent or have any questions about the our program, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at We look forward to receiving your email and exploring the possibility of a mutually beneficial partnership.

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