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Revolutionize Your Unity3D Experience with Virdyn’s Motion Capture Plugin

We're thrilled to introduce Virdyn's latest development – a groundbreaking plugin fully compatible with Unity3D. If you're a Unity3D user, this news is bound to get you excited. With Virdyn's VDMocap Studio software and Unity3D plugin, you can now connect Virdyn's devices, such as VDSuit Full or MHand Pro, directly to your Unity3D environment. Alternatively, you can use VDMocap Studio/Plus software to broadcast data to Unity3D, delivering real-time model control and seamless motion capture data transfer. What's more, it supports both full-body and facial motion capture. And if you're using the MHand Pro motion capture gloves, this plugin also ensures compatibility with various VR devices such as HTC, Pico, Oculus, and more, for immersive VR experiences. This marks a significant milestone for Virdyn as it perfectly aligns with the needs of Unity users.


Here's what you get from us:

FREE access to the plugin (both full-body and facial motion capture) upon purchasing our hardware devices.

●FREE updates to the latest plugin versions.

●FREE Comprehensive documentation in PDF format and video tutorials for installation and setup.


Plugin Varieties: Our Unity plugin offers two convenient connection options:


Direct Connection Plugin: Seamlessly connect your Virdyn devices to Unity for instant model control.

Data Broadcasting Plugin: Harness the power of VDMocap Studio/Plus software to broadcast data to Unity, enabling real-time motion capture with both direct device connections and MD data broadcasting.


Unity Plugin Highlights:


Multi-Person Capture: Support for up to five simultaneous users in the same scene, ideal for collaborative motion capture projects.

Full-Body and Facial Capture: Achieve complete motion capture with support for both body and facial expressions.

Calibration and Calibration-Free Modes: Our plugin seamlessly integrates calibration, magnetic calibration, and motion capture parameter adjustments.

Default Models and Scene Adjustments: Easily customize your models and scene configurations.

Gesture Recognition: Unlock gesture recognition capabilities for enhanced control.

Additional Functions: Features like waist locking, model resetting, interface hiding, and more to streamline your motion capture process.

VR Device Compatibility: If you're using MHand Pro, you'll enjoy compatibility with HTC, Pico, Oculus, and other VR devices for an immersive VR experience.


Unity Plugin System Requirements:


Unity Version: 2019.4.24f1 and later

Operating System: Windows 10/Windows 11


With Virdyn's Unity3D plugin, you're not just using a cutting-edge motion capture solution, but you're also experiencing a significant upgrade to your Unity3D projects. Say goodbye to compatibility issues and hello to seamless, real-time motion capture. Join us on this exciting journey into the world of Unity3D motion capture, and revolutionize your creative projects today.