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Elevate Your VRChat Experience with VDMocap OSC

Elevate Your VRChat Experience with VDMocap OSC

Step into the next dimension of VRChat with VDMocap OSC, Virdyn's latest plugin that seamlessly bridges the gap between motion capture and virtual reality. This innovative plugin allows you to broadcast full-body motion capture data from VDMocap Studio software to VRChat using the OSC protocol, all while wearing your VR headset. Unlock the power of VRChat's OSC features and make your virtual presence come alive.


Key Features:

VDSuit Full Compatibility: Immerse yourself in VRChat like never before by combining your VDSuit Full motion capture device with your VR equipment.

Simplicity Redefined: With VDMocap Studio software and the VDMocap OSC plugin (both provided for FREE upon device purchase), you can effortlessly drive your VRChat Avatar.

Precise Pose Adaptation: The plugin offers compatibility with eight body nodes for driving VRChat models, including left and right elbow, left and right feet, left and right knee, hips, and chest.

Real-Time Skeleton Editing: Fine-tune your avatar's skeleton in real time, ensuring a seamless and natural virtual experience.

Elevate your VRChat interactions, engage with users like never before, and unlock a new level of immersion with VDMocap OSC. Say goodbye to the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary in VRChat!


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