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Virdyn VDFace Pro Capture System for Real Time Facial Capture with Face Capture Helmet

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VDFace Pro is a professional-grade, markerless facial expression capture system. It consists of a facial expression capture helmet and software, and features highly precise expression capture algorithms and real-time preview of facial animations. The lightweight helmet weighs approximately 395g and is comfortable to wear, with a new aluminum alloy suspension structure and stable center of gravity. The helmet is designed to secure the user’s phone without the need for additional weights.


VDFace Pro is suitable for a variety of application fields, including virtual anchors, animation game production, development of bionic robot expressions, 3D simulation digital human development, and more.



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● A professional-level markerless facial expression capture system composed of VDFace Pro Helmet and VDLiveFC facial expression capture software.

● Proprietary algorithm: featuring a facial expression capture algorithm that captures movements with precision and provides real-time previews of animated expressions.

Lightweight helmet: weighing only about 395g, which is half the weight of VDFace Helmet!

Comfortable to wear: the helmet's suspension structure is made of aluminum alloy material.

New support design: the helmet stabilizes the phone and enhances its center of gravity, eliminating the need for additional weights.

● Application areas: suitable for virtual anchors, animation and game production, biomimetic robot expression development, 3D simulation digital human development, and more.







Fitted head size range

One size fits all (51-62cm)

Phone size range

Phone width 70mm-81mm

Package size

About 620*312*285mm

Net weight 

About 395g (Not include phone)

Capture APP on board hardware


Number of supported emoji


Emotion capture accuracy


Capture delay

Less than 50MS

Capture data

Blendshape expression data

Drive method


Data Transfer

Wireless LAN

Transmission distance

Less than 150 meters

Device Wearing

Headset / Mobile phone holder

Mobile App

Provide supporting mobile APP

Capture platform/system

Provide dedicated capture system platform

Core Technology

VDFace Pro

● Lightweight material: The helmet is made of nylon material, which is breathable, comfortable, and durable.

● Comfortable to wear: The helmet's tightness can be freely adjusted to suit performers with different head sizes.

● Stable center of gravity: The helmet secures the phone in place and ensures maximum stability during filming.

● Adjustable head circumference: The interior of the helmet supports sponge pads of different thicknesses to accommodate different head sizes.



Supporting software: VDLiveFC


● AI Face database: Enables quick and accurate recognition of faces.

● Precise Algorithmic Tracking: Utilizes parameterized settings to accurately track facial expressions, including cheeks, eyes, mouth, nose, and eyebrows.

● Real-time Syncing of Facial Information: Provides users with high-quality solutions that synchronize facial expressions in real-time.

● Application Areas: Suitable for application areas such as virtual anchors, animation and game development, biometric expression development, and 3D digital human development.


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