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Experience Seamless Android Development Compatibility with MHand Pro

Experience Seamless Android Development Compatibility with MHand Pro


We're thrilled to announce that Virdyn is now fully compatible with the Android development platform. This is fantastic news for customers who are delving into Android app development. It means that with MHand Pro and the dedicated MHand Pro Android plugin, users can now leverage the power of Unity Engine's Android platform.


Here's what this exciting milestone brings you:


Direct Connectivity to Android: MHand Pro now effortlessly connects to Android smartphones. Seamlessly integrate hand tracking into your Android applications.

●Pico VR Headset Integration: In addition to Android phones, MHand Pro also supports connectivity with Pico VR headset devices, making your VR experiences even more immersive.

●All-in-One Integration: The plugin seamlessly incorporates calibration, magnetic calibration, dynamic parameter adjustments, and more, streamlining your development process.


Step into the world of Android app development with confidence, knowing that MHand Pro is here to support your journey. Explore new possibilities, develop innovative applications, and take full advantage of this game-changing compatibility.

Discover the boundless potential of MHand Pro on the Android platform – where creativity and technology converge seamlessly.