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Unleash Your Vtuber Potential with Virdyn’s VDSuit Full and Warudo Compatibility

Unleash Your Vtuber Potential with Virdyn's VDSuit Full and Warudo Compatibility

Attention, Vtubers and aspiring Vtubers! We have some exciting news to share. Virdyn is thrilled to announce full-body motion capture compatibility with Warudo, a virtual streaming software tailored for Vtubers. With VDSuit Full and VDMocap software in your toolkit, you can now seamlessly bring your virtual Vtuber persona to life on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, BiliBili, and more. This marks a significant milestone for VDSuit Full, as it aligns perfectly with Warudo software to meet the needs of Vtuber enthusiasts.


Key Features:

Real-time Integration: VDSuit Full empowers Warudo software to drive your virtual Vtuber model in real time. No more lag, just pure synchronization.

Seamless Experience: By acquiring the VDSuit Full device, you can instantly start your virtual streaming journey with the help of data broadcasting. Say goodbye to complex setups and hello to simplicity.

Preset Animation Blueprints: With Virdyn's motion capture devices as prerequisites, Warudo has already preconfigured animation blueprints. No need for manual tinkering—just dive right into your virtual persona.


Warudo Advantage for Vtuber Virtual Streaming:

100% Free for Personal Use: No hidden fees, enjoy it as much as you want.

Facial and Hand Tracking: Use your webcam, iPhone ARKit, or hand tracking with ease.

Full-Body Tracking: Compatible with mocap suits, VR trackers, or any VMC-compatible software.

Model Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with VRM, VRChat, or any humanoid model (export in Unity required).

Custom Expressions: Personalize your avatar's expressions to convey your unique personality.

Creative Freedom: Add your own 3D props, environments, particles, and more.

Integrated Streaming Platforms: Go live on Twitch, YouTube, BiliBili, and more without hassles.

Interactive Fun: Engage with your audience by tossing items, generating stickers and particles, or unleashing water jets.

Blueprint System: Customize tracking and interaction features to match your needs.

Control Options: Utilize MIDI, Stream Deck, or WebSocket messages to take charge of your blueprint.

Developer-Friendly: A C# SDK is available for developers to add the features they desire.


Unleash your creativity, embrace the possibilities of Vtubing, and interact with your audience like never before with Virdyn's VDSuit Full and Warudo compatibility. Your virtual streaming journey starts here!