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Virdyn VDFace Capture System for Real Time Facial Capture with Face Capture Helmet

Short Description:

Virdyn motion capture for face capture system. Include face capture helmet, self-developed  face capture APP: VDLiveFC. IOS side APP, support iPhone X series and above version of Apple cell phones to download. Self-developed algorithm, supporting 52 expressions BS-driven, accurately capturing expression gestures in real time.


What you get from us:

  • A mocap helmet
  • Professional face capture edit and recording in the software
  • Free IOS App
  • One year warranty
  • Online one-on-one technical support
  • 12 hours quick response


We have special offers for resellers, education, small studios, developers etc, Please send inquiry email to us for more info!

Product Detail

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Face Capture Helmet

● Easy to wear: Adjust the size of the elastic band on the head and finish wearing it in 2 minutes.

● Lightweight material: The main material is PC, nylon and aluminum alloy, the weight is only 750g, long time wear for facial expression recording will not feel tired on head or neck.

● Comfortable design, fit the head: Perfectly fit the head bones, helmet with internal sponge to protect the head, to avoid the discomfort caused by wearing the helmet for a long time.


Face Capture APP for IOS

Self-developed IOS APP: Support iPhone X series and above versions of Apple phones to download.

Real-time multi-expression capture support: Support 52 expressions BS-driven, accurate real-time capture of expression gestures.

● Markerless face: Only one cell phone APP and one facial helmet are needed to achieve facial calibration and capture data in real time.








Device Performance Demonstration



Virdyn face capture system widely used in: Expression animation data recording, virtual human real-time live professional face capture support, bionic intelligent robot expression development, etc.


Core Technology

Face Capture Helmet

● Integrated wearable helmet: highly integrated functions, lightweight materials, in line with human mechanics, comfortable to wear.

● Stable and long-lasting: the use of lightweight and fitting helmet-type wearing method, strong and durable material, and facial expression capture system supporting the use of a long-lasting and stable life.

● Artisanal design: Each part is exclusively designed to ensure high quality, optimal performance, stability and comfort.

● Fits 99% of head sizes: We work with excellent helmet manufacturers to fit the vast majority of head sizes.

● Accurate focus on each lens: Whether it's a phone or face capture lens, it's carefully blended and designed to accurately focus on each lens.

● Real-time recording adapt to multiple face capture APP: In addition to supporting Virdyn self-developed face capture APP: VDLiveFC, it also supports Livelink and other iOS face capture related APP.


VDLive FC face capture helmet

Face Capture APP: VDLiveFC


● Self-developed ground IOS APP: The expression algorithm developed by Virdyn's own R&D team to accurately capture facial expression gestures in real time.

● Multi-expression support: support 52 different real expressions, such as happy, angry, sad, beaming, grinning, frowning, crying, etc. Implemented by BlendShape expression driver.

● Real-time recording and synchronization: VDLiveFC has accurate expression capturing algorithm, which can record human facial expressions in real time and synchronize them to digital characters.

● Markerless face capture: VDLiveFC can perform face capture calibration and capture data in real time without any marker points, with low latency drive.

● Wide range of application scenarios: It can be widely used in the markets of character expression animation recording, virtual live real-time performance, interactive entertainment, film and TV special effects, etc.


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