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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 PS5 motion capture work may be completed

UPDATE: Okay, this is a bit confusing. Speaking at a Reddit AMA yesterday, Peter Parker’s voice actor Yuri Lowenthal made it clear that his voice and motion capture work for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is complete. Here are the comments:
Original article: The game is due out in September, so it might not come as a surprise, but it looks like the motion capture work for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has already been done – at least from Yuri Lowenthal to Peter Parker. The update is short and sweet, but it comes from a Reddit AMA about a completely different game. “Yeah, you’re done!” he laughed when asked about his motion capture work in the web sequel.
Even though we’ve only seen one trailer, it’s safe to assume that behind the scenes, Insomniac Games is close to wrapping up its superhero reveal. Almost everyone is looking forward to the big Spider-Man PlayStation Showcase this summer, and that’s where we’ll likely find out more about the upcoming sandbox game.
Lowenthal understandably didn’t share other details on the aforementioned Reddit AMA, but he insisted he “can’t wait” for fans to start playing. Back in January, he said he still had “a little work” to do on the title, but it looks like it’s all done, suggesting a release in the making in September. We can’t wait!
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Can’t wait for the game but I wish the game had more Spiderman and less fighting spirit, I played Miles Morales PS5 and sold the game before I finished it because I found the story was similar to that of Peter Parker in the 1st than a very boring game .
How confusing @Magnus_Selene must have said otherwise on Reddit! Thanks for that, however, will research more and update.
Couldn’t he have worked/prepared the DLC beforehand? I doubt very much that there will be an extension for CM2. Sony makes money easily

Post time: Apr-24-2023