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28 companies have been listed as legal entities by the United States, including 8 artificial intelligence companies, and Hikvision and Dahua have been temporarily suspended! -iMedia

1. Upload a clear front photo of the latest 3-in-1 business license. Only business license issued by mainland industry and trade is supported. Please confirm that the certificate has expired
iiMedia Research (iiMedia Consulting) is a world-renowned third-party data collection and analysis organization for the emerging economic industry. It publishes or customizes over 2,000 new Economic Performance Reports annually, covering new technology, new retail, education, biology, healthcare and travel, real estate, marketing, entertainment, media, finance, manufacturing, blockchain, environmental protection. environment and public administration and other emerging areas, and strives to publish research reports with opinions, views and conclusions.
As a well-known data service organization in the new economic realm, we hope to create a new economic realm communication platform to provide services and support to relevant investors and decision makers. For this reason, has specially opened a special section for “AiMedia Enterprise Account”. We sincerely invite outstanding companies, institutions and high-quality content creators in the new economic realm to join us in building a diverse, inclusive, objective and fair media platform.
1. We hope you provide high quality dry content such as news briefs, comments and observations, industry trends, personal interviews, and in-depth studies in the new economic field.
3. The published content must comply with Chinese laws and regulations and social morality, and must not directly or indirectly violate Chinese laws and regulations and social morality, especially the requirements of exclusive laws and regulations such as the “Internet Information Service Management Measures”.
4. In order to provide more professional and quality information services, the individual or organization that will move in should provide basic materials for self-presentation and attach high-quality original work in the past. We will give feedback after the review is passed.
5. In order to create a good community platform environment and ensure high quality content on the platform, the submitted content must be verified by the platform. After passing the verification, the submitted content will be presented in the “iiMedia Corporate Account”. “There is a special zone on the platform.
Thank you for trusting and supporting iiMedia Consulting and we invite great companies and high-quality content creators to gain a foothold on the iiMedia Consulting information platform!
1. You can log in to the iiMedia platform owned by Guangzhou iiMedia Digital Information Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “platform”). The titles of each item are used only to help you understand the purpose of the item. and will not affect or limit the meaning or interpretation of the terms of this agreement. In order to protect your own rights and interests, it is recommended that you carefully read the specific expressions of each clause.
2. You should read this agreement carefully before applying for admission, or click to agree to this agreement when this agreement is updated. Be sure to carefully read and fully understand each clause, especially the exclusion or limitation of liability clauses, applicable laws, and dispute resolution clauses. You should focus on reading the terms of the release or limitation of liability.
3. When you complete/submit the information in accordance with the prompts on the page, read and agree to this agreement, and complete all registration procedures or click “Agree” when updating this agreement, this means that you have fully read, understood and accepted all the content of this agreement. In the process of reading this agreement, if you do not agree to this agreement or any of its terms, you may not be able to normally use some of the features of this platform account.
4. Because this platform provides a variety of products and services, and the content of the products and services provided to you is also different, this agreement is the terms of the iiMedia Platform Login Agreement, which is uniformly applicable to this platform. For some other specific products / services of this platform, this platform will also formulate a specific user service agreement, in order to more specifically agree with you on the relevant service content, service rules, etc., you must fully read and agree with the specific user. service agreement All content before using a specific product/service.
1. You agree to log in to this platform in order to open an account and upload images, text, audio, video and other content (“upload data content”) or live stream on this platform through the above account.
2. You agree to allow this platform to post images, text, audio, video and other content (together with the content of the materials uploaded above) posted by you on other third party platforms (including but not limited to WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, etc.) Material Content ”) is reproduced and published on this platform.
1. You have fully understood the rules and requirements of this platform and acknowledged that you have the conditions and the ability to fulfill the obligations and obligations under this agreement. You must provide complete, authentic, legal and valid relevant qualification materials as required by this platform, and complete real name authentication; Both are valid, binding and enforceable statutory obligations.
2. Any material content or live broadcast that you upload or repost on this platform must not contain any content that violates laws and regulations, public order and good customs, including but not limited to:
(1) Content that is restricted or prohibited by laws, regulations, rules, ordinances and any regulations having legal force;
(3) oppose the basic principles established by the Constitution, incite resistance or undermine the implementation of the Constitution, laws and administrative acts, and endanger national unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity, damage national dignity, honor and interests, and damage national unity , promote terrorism, extremism doctrine of speech;
(4) Content that distorts, defames, desecrates and denies the deeds and spirit of heroes and martyrs, as well as insults, slanders or otherwise infringes on the names, portraits, reputation and honors of heroes and martyrs;
(5) Terrifying, cruel, violent, bloody, vulgar performances that pose a danger to the physical and mental health of the performers themselves or others;
(7) Any content that threatens or may endanger the life, health or property of you or others, including, but not limited to, performances with knives and other dangerous equipment, high-altitude rock climbing, etc.;
(8) Content that encourages or encourages others to engage in dangerous or illegal activities that may result in personal injury or property damage;
(12) Using online game products that have not received an online game publication number to demonstrate or explain online game methods or to promote such online game products;
(13) infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of minors, harm the physical and mental health of minors, and may also force minors to imitate unsafe behavior and behavior that violates public morality, as well as induce minors to form bad habits;
(14) Insulting or slandering others, or making loud noises during a live broadcast, insulting viewers or other users, provoking conflicts between users, etc.;
(17) slandering the wonderful cultural traditions of the nation, inciting ethnic hatred and discrimination, encroaching on national customs, distorting ethnic history and historical figures, insulting national feelings, undermining national unity;
(18) Inciting to undermine the religious policy of the state, promoting religious fanaticism, threatening religious harmony, insulting the religious feelings of believing citizens, undermining the unity of believing and unbelieving citizens, promoting cults and superstitions.
3. You are responsible for actively maintaining your own image and creating a good interactive environment with other users. You must not do anything that damages the brand, image or reputation of you or this platform, either inside or outside the platform.
4. You are not allowed to use the live broadcast and related services provided by this platform to commit any illegal or inappropriate behavior (including but not limited to fraud, gambling, illegal transfer of property, spreading false information, etc.) within or outside outside this platform. If the platform has reason to believe that you have taken the above actions (for example, the platform receives relevant complaints, etc.), the platform has the right to take action against you according to the actual situation, including, but not limited to, freezing or blocking your account, and also has the right to retain your relevant information and provide the appropriate law enforcement and judicial authorities with an investigation into your legal liability in accordance with the law. If any damage is caused to this platform, this platform has the right to recover the full amount from you.
5. You agree and warrant that your behavior on this platform complies with laws and regulations, industry self-discipline agreements, platform rules and this agreement, and this platform has the right to manage your behavior in accordance with the aforementioned rules. You promise that the conduct implemented through this platform is lawful and will not violate the legal rights of third parties, authorization (including sub-authorization) and the right to use the above content to upload, publish, live broadcast, etc. on this platform; you promise that your cooperation with this platform, as provided in this agreement, will not violate the legal rights of any third party.
6. You agree and authorize this platform and its subsidiaries to use the free, non-exclusive, sub-licensable (including but not limited to reproduction rights, translation rights, compilation rights, media distribution rights, adaptation rights, production rights) derivatives, performances and screenings, etc.) Use of anchor personal images (including, but not limited to, artistic images, performance images, promotional images, flat image, hereinafter referred to as “personal image”) and identification marks (including, but not limited to, to names, nicknames, stage names, portraits, signatures, sounds, symbols, animated icons, etc., hereinafter collectively referred to as “identity marks”) and through this platform. The content of materials uploaded, reprinted and published by this platform and the content resulting from webcasts (including, but not limited to, text, images, images, audio, music, sound, dialogue, etc. in video and/or audio , the following will be permitted by you.The foregoing is collectively referred to as “Authorized Content”). You agree that the above rights include the right to use and otherwise develop the Content (in whole or in part) in any advertising, marketing, promotion and/or research related to the Authorized Content, services associated with the Platform, the Platform and/or the Rights and platform branding licenses. For the avoidance of doubt, this platform has the right to use, reproduce and display your personal image and/or identification, as well as add commercial identification to authorized content, use it for other developments or embed in other content. By doing so, you acknowledge that you authorize the platform to enforce the rights to the above authorized content on behalf of the platform or trust a professional third party. reconciliation, etc., the platform has the right to make decisions on the protection of rights and implement them independently.
7. You are not permitted to use any words bearing the “iiMedia” or “iiMedia” brand, such as “collaborate with iiMedia” or “co-produce with iiMedia” through any channel or media (including but not limited to stand-alone media, etc.), if you need to promote a collaboration, you may only mention the work itself in the advertisement and not mention the relationship with iiMedia or use the iiMedia brand to promote without permission. All promotional manuscripts must be approved by iiMedia in writing, otherwise, you must indemnify iiMedia for all damages caused by iiMedia.
1. This platform provides the technical services of the platform to you and will continue to improve the user traffic and technical updates of this platform.
2. In order to regulate the operation of this platform and protect the common interests and user experience of users of this platform, this platform has the right to formulate and adjust the rules of this platform in accordance with the requirements of national regulatory authorities and operational needs. and notify you via announcements, emails, WeChat, etc. If you do not accept the modified content, you should stop using the related services.
3. This platform has the right to verify the legality of the content and content of live broadcasts uploaded by you or reproduced and released by this platform, in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations, the requirements of the relevant departments, or the notice of the third party. If the live broadcast materials and content uploaded or played by this platform violate laws and regulations, violate the legal rights and interests of this platform or third parties, this platform has the right to remove the content, suspend the live broadcast, freeze/cancel the account and cooperate with the competent authority in investigation and other measures. If any damage is caused to this platform, this platform has the right to recover the full amount from you.
4. This platform shall not be liable for any consequential or punitive damages you suffer in connection with this agreement, whether such liability is based on breach of agreement or tort (including negligence) or strict liability. , or Based on other circumstances, regardless of whether the platform has been informed of the possibility of such damages.
1. You understand and agree to abide by this platform’s privacy system and promise to keep this platform’s trade secrets indefinitely. Trade secrets refer to those provided by the platform, or you learned in the course of cooperation between the two parties, or the platform undertakes confidentiality obligations to other parties related to the business of the platform, can bring economic benefits to the platform, and are practical. , All information that is not public knowledge, including but not limited to: technical information, business information, activity information related to this platform, income information, personnel information, communication information, and job-related information and documents or control of this platform. platform (including this agreement and related agreements).
2. You understand and agree to be strictly bound by this agreement. Without the written permission or consent of this platform, you must not:
(2) Use for purposes other than this agreement. You must indemnify this platform for any damages, reputational or economic direct or indirect damages caused by your violation of the agreement to use or disclose trade secrets of this platform. The above confidentiality provisions will not become invalid due to the cancellation and termination of this agreement.
1. The intellectual property rights in the materials and information provided to you by this platform during the term of this agreement, including, without limitation, the data and materials, are independently owned by this platform. Without the written consent of this platform, you may not use it for purposes other than this agreement.
2. Unless there is a special agreement when you upload, post, live stream on this platform or reprint and repost on this platform, the material content or live broadcast content uploaded or reprinted on this platform is the original work that you own on legal grounds. ownership or was obtained legally. Permission (including sub-authorization), unless evidence to the contrary, you know, understand and agree that in order to better distribute and promote your work and increase its communicative value and influence, you upload and publish through the relevant services of this platform or the content and content transmitted , reprinted and released by this platform (including but not limited to text, images, audio, video, live content and other forms of content, and all components including music, sound, lines, visual design, dialogue, etc.), you grant this platform global, royalty-free, non-exclusive, sub-licensable (through multiple tiers) rights (including, but not limited to, reproduction rights, translation rights, compilation rights, media distribution rights, adaptation and derivative works rights, to perform and display, etc.), the scope of the above rights includes, but is not limited to the use m of current or other websites, applications, products or terminal equipment. This platform may use the above information on this platform and the platform of affiliates of this platform and may use it after re-editing, or it may be allowed by this platform for the use of partners.
1. You understand and agree that the platform and related services provided by this platform under this agreement are provided in accordance with the status quo that existing technologies and conditions can achieve, and this platform will do its best to provide you services to ensure the continuity of sex services and safety. However, you also know and acknowledge that this platform cannot foresee and prevent technical and other risks at any or all time, including, but not limited to, service outages and abnormal usage that may be caused by force majeure, network causes, actions of third parties. service defects, third party websites, etc. services and other losses and risks, in addition, in addition to the above, the platform has the right to unilaterally interrupt, suspend or terminate some or all of the services under this agreement at any time depending on the specific circumstances, such as laws, regulations, policies, and operational planning, and will use a Platform Page Announcement or other appropriate means to notify you.
3. If any of the following situations happen to you, this platform may terminate this agreement at any time without notice:
(2) You or the host are abusing drugs, theft, womanizing, derailing, gambling, cheating, or other speech or conduct that violates laws and regulations, public order, or other forms of influence on the public image, or the platform independently determines that you have or are suspected of having the above behavior;
(4) Due to the occurrence of abnormal circumstances, this platform considers that you are not eligible for the services under this agreement, and the abnormal situation has not been resolved within a reasonable period of time after notification by this platform;
4. Notwithstanding the termination of this agreement for any reason, this platform may retain or delete all data in your account on this platform or any information, such as data stored on the server of this platform, in connection with your use of this platform .
1. If you have breached the contract, the platform shall have the right to independently judge and take one or more of the following measures to investigate your breach of contract, depending on the severity of your breach:
(7) Pay liquidated damages to the platform, and such liquidated damages must be sufficient to recover the platform’s losses (including, but not limited to, compensation paid by the platform to third parties, administrative fines, notary fees, valuation fees, travel expenses, attorneys’ fees, court costs and other reasonable expenses);
2. If any of your misrepresentations or warranties, or your breach of your obligations under this agreement, or your tort or breach of contract against a third party, will cause the platform to suffer any claims and accept any liability (for example, administrative fines, etc.) or suffer any losses, you must take appropriate measures (including, but not limited to, coordinating with a third party to resolve disputes, making public statements to remedy the impact, etc.) to protect the platform from the aforementioned causes . Under such circumstances, this platform reserves the right to seek compensation from you for the losses incurred. If your breach of contract is exposed by the media, resulting in adverse consequences for this platform and/or a public relations crisis, you must actively cooperate with this platform for Publication A written statement clarifying the facts and apologizing to the user and/or platform.
2. The place of signing of this agreement is Chaoyang District, Beijing City, People’s Republic of China. If any dispute or dispute arises between you and this platform, it must first be resolved through amicable negotiations; if negotiations are not successful, both parties agree to refer the dispute or dispute to a people’s court with jurisdiction in the place where this agreement is signed for resolution.


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